Price List - Carmelo Milian

Price List

Standard Photo-shoot $275

This level includes interior and exterior coverage, takes approximately from one to one hour and a half. It includes one half hour of post-production processing and generates 15 images. As a guideline this level is appropriate for under 3000 square feet. This does not include Bay, lake or water views, please see "Mid-Range or Estate" shoot descriptions below.

Mid Range (Water Views) $350

This level includes up to two hours onsite, interior, exterior coverage and water area and equivalent time in post-production processing and generates 22 images. As a guideline this level is appropriate for up to 4000 square feet.

Premium Shoot $450

This level includes up to 3 hours of shooting, two hours of post-production time, and generates 30 finished images. We prefer to make a separate appointment to scout the property with you. This helps determine optimal time to conduct photo-shoot and enhances the final product. The pre-shoot walk is included in the fee.

Exterior Only $100

This level generated 1 to 3 images.

Aerial Video/Photography $350

Aerial Video/Photography includes 3 minute video of property including walk thru and 3 High resolution Aerial images.

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